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Who are we ?


Biographical summary


Master in HR from the University of Paris Dauphine in France



NLP Trainer, certified by the co-founder of the discipline, John Grinder and at the NLP Academy in the UK


Bachelor in Communication (Belgium)


Béatrice works within the communication sector since 1997 and has considerable practical experience both in the private and corporate fields.

She has a deep understanding of corporate international business and delivers quality consulting, coaching and training services to meet individuals and company's needs in communication and development.

Béatrice has over 20 years with key customers in various sectors such as major institutional organisations, banking and insurances, manufacturing companies.



Béatrice works in French, English and Spanish being fluent in the three languages, spoken and written.


Professional experience


Béatrice is competent

  • at managing short term and urgent projects in self development and training;
  • in delivering ad-hoc training and coaching solutions and highly experienced within the governmental sector managing complex contracts
  • in the development of individual and team soft skills

She has proven track record in building long term and trustful relationships with her clients and will gladly provided references upon request.