« From small beginnings come great things »

What is NLP ?

...the study of the subjective experience...

There are several definitions of NLP and it's also an approach difficult to resume in a few words.


Where is NLP notably applicable ? Here are a few contexts:

NLP to...

  • Arouse creativity and change, increase choices for oneself, for the relation to self, and with others, for the relationships themselves. 
  • Become conscious of our ways of communicating and enhancing the range.
  • Invent oneself with greater possibilities.
  • Work with objectives.


NLP was born from talents modeling.

In the 70's, John Grinder and Richard Bandler were wondering, notably, about the genious of great therapists. How did these talents reach their results?

Together, John and Richard started to observe, between others, Milton Eriksson and Virginia Satir searching for patterns, schemes, and models of these talented therapists.

From these observations, the NLP adventure was born.

Today, NLP supports everyone in growing, changing, adapting with a range of tools. NLP is not only a set of tools, it's a tools fabric that fits with a rapid changing and evolving world.